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Special thanks are due Colonel (Retired) Robert Black of the 8th Rangers for inspiring us, for encouraging all infantry companies (airborne) to publish a unit history book, and for providing the initial morning reports (M/Rs). We also give special thanks to retired Colonel Robert “Bob” Channon, 3rd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne), author of The Cold Steel Third about the Third Airborne Ranger Company—Korean War (1950-1951) (Franklin, North Carolina: Genealogy Publishing Service, 1993) for his editorial assistance and encouragement.

We are also grateful to Joe Watts, author of Korean Nights about the 4th Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne), 1950, 1951 (St. Petersburg, Florida: Southern Heritage Press, 1997) for reminding us of incidents we had forgotten and for providing the copies of early morning reports about our experiences with the 4th Company (T/A). We are deeply indebted to Constance Burns, U.S. Army Center of Military History, Fort McNair, D.C., for her willingness to serve as coordinator, manager and researcher for the 2nd Ranger Company’s history. She spent untold volunteer hours in the final editing, preparation and organization of this manuscript. Although most of our research was conducted before the manuscript was completed, it proved of great benefit to have Thomas Faith to retrieve additional documents for our review. We express our appreciation to Cathy Frye for her editorial comments and reviews.

Without the extraordinary efforts of the members of the 2nd Ranger Company this book would have been impossible to write. I owe a debt of gratitude to all members of the 2nd Ranger Company: when we first consulted about this book, we determined to make it a collective effort to make our accomplishments known.

The author wishes to acknowledge his grateful appreciation to Major James Queen and SFC William Weathersbee for their hard work and effort in compiling information and researching this book. Without their contributions this story would not be told. Major Queen and SFC Weathersbee were the force—with the support of members of the 2nd Ranger Company—to make sure that as much information as possible was collected. Major Queen and SFC Weathersbee died before this book was completed. Again, I would like to express my gratitude for their honorable service and loyal dedication to the Ranger spirit.

I also wish to thank Herculano Dias and Lawrence Estell for their invaluable help in compiling material. These men and I also owe special thanks to the wives, Linda Dias, Linda Estell, Phyllis Queen, Alberta Weathersbee and Mary A. Posey, for assuming the family duties while we roamed the world attending veterans’ activities. They not only had the children, but also played a major role in their upbringing. Last but not least, I would like to thank my nephew, Michael Evans, for doing a lot to help me gather my thoughts and describe actual events.

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